Celebrating a life

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In memory of…

Giving a gift in memory of a loved one can bring a small comfort at a time of immense sadness. It’s an incredibly special way to remember or honour a loved one whilst making a valuable contribution to our work.

Pay tribute by making a one-off donation, holding a collection at a funeral or memorial service, setting up an online tribute page, setting up regular donations to mark a special date, or even by taking part in an event or challenge in their name. Whatever you decide to do, your kindness will ensure we can give every patient the extraordinary care they deserve, in the name of your loved one.

Organise a collection at a funeral or remembrance service

Ask for donations instead of flowers by arranging a collection. The Funeral Director will usually arrange the collection on your behalf and will make sure any donations collected are forwarded to us.

Donate in memory

Easily make a one-off donation in memory of someone by clicking the button below. We will make sure your donation is used where it is needed most, but if you would like to benefit a particular area of our work, please let us know.

Tribute Funds

Honouring your loved one on special occasions helps to provide a focus on days such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, which can often bring back many painful as well as precious memories. Family and friends can organise ongoing donations to mark these special dates, or we can help you organise your own event in memory of someone you’ve lost.

Set up a Tribute Fund

Setting up a Tribute Fund can be a beautiful way to honour the life of somebody you love.

Family and friends can contribute to a tribute fund on special occasions such as birthdays, or take part in events organised by us, or even organise their own. Any money raised from these events will go into your personal tribute fund. 

Create a JustGiving fund page

Setting up a JustGiving page to honour the person you’ve lost is simple. Share it around your friends and family to start collecting. 

See our frequently asked questions below or contact us

Phone: 01225 825819
email: tributes@ruhx.org.uk

Who can set up a Tribute Fund?
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Anyone can set up a Tribute Fund, but we would advise that it is done in agreement with or in the knowledge of the loved one’s family.

Can anyone access my page?
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Anyone can donate money to your page and increase your Fund. However, it may be useful to send a link to your page to your family, friends and colleagues so that they know where to find it to donate.

What if I already have an offline Tribute Fund set up?
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Your page can be credited with an initial one-off off-line amount that accounts for all donations that have been previously made into your offline Tribute Fund.

Will all the money I raise contribute to my Tribute Fund?
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Yes, as long as whenever you make a donation or send us fundraising, collection proceeds or sponsorship money, you tell us it’s to go into your Tribute Fund. We can also back date the Tribute Fund so that any previous donations you’ve made to RUHX can be added to your fund.

Is there a certain amount I have to raise or a certain length of time the Fund has to be active for?
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No. It’s up to you if you’d like to set a time limit for the page or a fundraising goal.

How can I raise money for my Tribute Fund?
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There are lots of ways to increase your fund and help the on going care provided at the Hospice. You can set up a Regular Gift, organise a cake sale or a raffle, or join in with one of our organised events. Find out how you can get fundraising here.

Join an event

We have plenty of upcoming events to suit a range of skills and interests.