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Fundraise for us

Fundraising is simple – pick an activity, set a goal and start raising money. And whether you get out your running shoes, knitting needles or cake tins, our expert team will be here to guide you through the entire process.

It doesn’t matter how big the challenge is – the most important thing is to get involved.

We’ve got plenty of fundraising suggestions to get the ball rolling. Here’s how to start in 3 simple steps

What’s your idea. How would you like to help?

If you’d like some inspiration, here’s how other people
have raised money or given their time.

How to start fundraising
Sporty ideas
Creative ideas
Ideas at home
Fun(draise) together
With your school

How to start in 3 simple steps

  Apply for a fundraising pack

Our FREE fundraising pack is jam-packed full of ideas, advice and materials to kickstart your fundraising journey.

Ways to collect donations or sponsorships


Setting up a personal Justgiving page is easy. Once you’ve made it, share it around your friends and family to start smashing your fundraising goals.


Add a donate button to any post or create a fundraising page on Facebook to start raising money.

Give Directly

If you would prefer to donate directly to the charity, click the button below.
Share on social media

Inspire others by sharing your fundraising journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin with the hashtag #RUHCharity

Sporty ideas

Bike ride
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Take part in a cycling event or organise your own. Get sponsored on an online fundraising page for your efforts.

Perfect for: personal challenge, in a group, friends and family

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Sign your golf club up to a fundraising event this year and have a day you will never FOREget.

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Grab your walking boots and organise a hike to raise money. Get sponsored to cover the miles.

Perfect for: personal challenge and friends and family.

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Want to really push yourself? Sign up to one of our running events or find your own. Get sponsored for your training efforts and achieve something amazing.

Perfect for: personal challenge

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Get sponsored to cover a set distance.

Perfect for: personal challenge

Creative ideas

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Get creative and create a bingo sheet tailored for your audience. You could theme it by music, celebrity faces or food or keep it old school with numbers.

Perfect for: friends and family and work colleagues.

Name the…
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The options for this fundraising idea are endless. Ask your friends or colleagues to donate to guess the name of the teddy, or get everyone’s baby photos together and get guessing who it is!

Perfect for: office, schools, universities

Quiz night
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Get your community involved or just your friends and family. You can raise money by taking donations for entries to the quiz, and hold a raffle on the same night to raise even more for RUHX.

Perfect for: friends and family, office

Ideas at home

Film night
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Close the curtains and snuggle up with family or your flat mates for a marathon of themed movies. Ask everyone to donate £5 and your evening will make difference to children around the world.

Perfect for: friends and family.

Games night
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If your dream night in involves playing your favourite board games, then hosting a games night might be the perfect fundraiser for you. From Scrabble to Monopoly and Mouse Trap, there are plenty of games to keep you and your guests entertained.

Perfect for: friends and family, in a group, kids

Fun together

Karaoke night
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Everyone has a secret party piece they’re itching to share! So why not grab a microphone and organise a donate-to-enter karaoke contest?

Perfect for: friends and family, in a group

Talent contest
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This is a great opportunity to showcase people’s talents while raising money. Ask people to donate to take part in the contest and see if you can get a prize donated for the competition winners.

Perfect for: schools, in a group, friends and family, universities

With your school

Fancy dress day
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Set a theme and encourage your school or work colleagues to throw on a costume.

Perfect for: schools, office

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Challenge yourself or a class to a certain number of reading sessions and get sponsored for charity!

Perfect for: personal challenge, universities, kids

Uniform-free day
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Ask the school to hold a non-uniform day to raise money for RUHX. Ask pupils to bring in £1 to take part.

Perfect for: schools