Wellbeing garden

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More space to breathe

Today, more of us suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and long-term health conditions than ever before. At the Royal United Hospitals Bath, we want to help more people live healthier, happier lives. Our vision is to create a specially designed, self-sustaining and eco-friendly wellbeing garden on the hospital grounds that offers a tranquil and calming outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

With your help we want to raise £100,000 to create this specially designed outdoor space on hospital grounds that creates a sanctuary that aids rest, recovery, and relaxation

Wellbeing Garden RUH
On-site serenity for staff and patients

Knowing how profoundly busy and incredibly hard-working all of our 5,000 members of RUH staff are, this garden will offer a peaceful and uplifting contrast to the activities of their daily lives. It will provide a sanctuary for relaxation and fresh air, enticing them to take time-out from the pressures of a busy hospital and connect to the environment around them.

Access to the wellbeing garden will be for patients and visitors too. The hospital plans to use ‘green prescribing’ which encourages people to spend time outdoors and connect with nature-based activities to help with a wide range of health problems. Being in contact with a natural environment contributes to an improved sense of wellbeing, which can have a positive impact on people’s rehabilitation and help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Wellbeing Garden RUH
The difference you will make

The existing courtyard lies in close proximity to the Lansdown restaurant and offers minimal opportunities to engage with nature as well as a lack of seating for social gathering or reflecting. With your help we can:

  • Enable any of our 5,000 members of staff, from clinical staff to our support teams, to pause and enjoy some much-needed headspace and distraction from the stresses of life.
  • Provide fruit, vegetable and herb growing spaces offering staff an opportunity to get involved with gardening activities and growing their own food to share with others whilst increasing biodiversity.
  • Offer opportunities for staff, patients and visitors to learn about planting, growing, harvesting and composting and about the local wildlife.
  • Build a new walkway which will provide an accessible and safe route to the entrance of the hospital for all to use away from traffic.
  • Install picnic furniture to create additional external dining space and provide benches to entice visitors to rest and connect to the tranquil environment around them.
  • Incorporate a range of flowers and plants that have been chosen for their aesthetic and multi-sensory qualities.
How you can help us

In order to ensure our garden dream becomes a reality, we need your help to raise £100,000 to create this specially designed outdoor space on hospital grounds that offers serenity as standard. With your support, we can create a sanctuary that aids rest, recovery, and relaxation.

There are many ways you can support this project:

“We believe that we need to rekindle our connection with nature and the sense of wellbeing this provides, and to reinvigorate a sense of community with people and the planet around us.”

“The RUH community wellbeing garden is an opportunity for us to work together to develop a food-producing landscape that sustains the environment and benefits the community. It will undoubtedly have a massively positive impact to our staff, and patients and their families.”