Dyson Cancer Centre

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Dyson Cancer Centre
Over 11,000 amazing supporters, 10 million pounds raised and 1 extra-extraordinary Dyson Cancer Centre.  Thank you, supporters!

Construction of the new Dyson Cancer Centre at the RUH has been underway since 2021 and the new centre welcomed patients in late April 2024. Thanks in no small part to RUHX and our wonderful supporters, who together raised £10 million towards this cancer services hub for half a million people in the South West.  The new centre is also backed by over £40m in Government funding as part of the New Hospital Programme.

Dyson Cancer Centre

RUHX has been fundraising for this since 2012 and has empowered the new Dyson Cancer Centre through making partnerships work. Bringing together major donors including the James Dyson Foundation, Medlock Charitable Trust and the local community. Over 11,000 donors also contributed. It’s your moving legacies, events, cake sales, walks, runs, skydives and many more amazing acts of kindness that have created this extraordinary new facility for the future community. We’re proud of your achievement!

The Dyson Cancer Centre will bring together the majority of the RUH’s cancer services, including research, under one roof. It will provide oncology, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy services, as well as a 22-bed inpatient ward and a wellbeing hub.

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Dyson Cancer Centre

The building

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Dyson Cancer Centre

Cancer services under one roof

The care for our community within the centre
Dyson Cancer Centre

Cancer Care equipment

State of the art cancer medical equipment provided by RUHX


How RUHX supporters helped to create the new centre
Dyson Cancer Centre

The Art of the Dyson Cancer Centre

Creating a nurturing and therapeutic environment

The Story of the Build

How the transformation happened

Check out the RUH site where you can find out more about your visit, cancer types, diagnosis and more. Visit the site here

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After visiting the Dyson Cancer Centre, James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer, said: Both of my parents died far too young from cancer, so I’ve always tried to support causes that involve treating or researching this terrible disease.

Bath and the South West desperately needed a new cancer hospital to serve 500,000 people and carry out cutting-edge research – and I was pleased we could continue helping the RUH, after the success of the Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care.

The Dyson Cancer Centre has state-of-the-art equipment, such as CT gamma scanners, which allow patients to have two specialist scans at the same time. It will also be home to vital research programmes in nuclear medicine and medical physics, and more than 60 live clinical trials – all under one roof.

In a way, I hope no one has to come to it. But if they do, I hope the Dyson Cancer Centre will be an uplifting place – one filled with light, art, space and views of nature – for patients and their families, as well as the hospital staff who care for them.”