State of the art equipment
for Cancer treatment & diagnosis

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RUHX proving Cancer Care equipment for our community

RUHX is very proud to have helped fund the Dyson Cancer Centre that aims to create a centre with a therapeutic environment that can deliver clinical excellence, support research and support recovery.

As the RUH bath official trust charity for the past 25 years, RUHX has always been there supporting the hospital to treat and care for cancer patients.  And a lot of new and existing equipment in this new cancer centre and beyond has been provided by us and our generous supporters.

Dyson Cancer Centre
Medical equipment used to treat cancer at the RUH today, provided by RUHX, including some used in the new Dyson Cancer Centre includes:
  • New Gamma CT camera, critical in the diagnosis of and treatment planning of cancer. RUHX purchased a new GE Discovery 870DR for £600,000.  This will scan around 4,000 patients a year and will be on the second floor of the new centre
  • The hospitals first Surgical Robot. Costing £2.3 million, funded 100% by RUHX, used daily in Theatres (treating patients who will have been diagnosed in the new cancer centre) and treating Gynaecological, Colo-Rectal and Prostate cancer patients
  • New Artificial Intelligence Radiotherapy planning software.   This software provides oncologists with a precise contour of organs and more targeted radiation treatment meaning more time can be spent with patients and accurate treatment plans produced more easily and quickly
  • Chemotherapy air gloves, to help cannulation of patients whose veins can be fragile or hidden after chemotherapy treatment
Dyson Cancer Centre
  • Extension to the Breast Unit costing £650,000 to create additional space and provide rooms designed for consultations and treatments, including a new dedicated treatment room for nursing interventions and prosthetic fittings and a special garden.
  • New Breast Cancer New One Stop Shop (Ultrasound expansion) costing £400,000. Situated just off the main hospital atrium, near but not in the new cancer centre.  With this funding RUHX empowered an extra 30,000 scans per year to help early diagnosis of breast cancer thanks to an additional Ultrasound room, scanner, Faxitron (specimen cabinet) and funding 2 years for a trainee Consultant Radiographer.
  • CT-Simulator for £650,000 for use during the simulation phase of radiation treatment, CT imaging is used along with aids such as skin tattoos, photographs and immobilization devices.

Dyson Cancer Centre photos and videos

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