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Over 1,000 workers and 32 months to create 1 extra extra-ordinary Cancer Centre

RUHX (formerly the Forever Friends Appeal) started fundraising towards the £10 million raised in 2012, and it took until the summer of 2021 before building work commenced with groundworks in August 2021.  Less than three years later the building is opening to its first patients in late April 2024.

Key milestones on the journey to opening included:

  • August 2021: Ground works commenced
  • December 2021: Ground works are complete, and the frame erection begins
  • February 2022: All 3 floor slabs are now laid
  • March 2022: Topping out.  The frame of the 3-story building is completed
  • June 2022: The link back into the main hospital building has been made
  • August 2022: Construction complete, focus turns to interiors
  • November 2022: Glazing is installed.  A huge milestone
Dyson Cancer Centre
  • February 2023: Scaffolding is removed, and cladding can commence
  • May 2023: Artwork is being installed, ‘Swifts’ sculpture for inpatients
  • July 2023: Terracotta tiles façade fitting begins
  • August 2023:   Main exterior signage is installed
  • October 2023: Exterior pathways are constructed
  • February 2023: Over 100 therapeutic artworks are being installed
  • March 2023: Staff familiarisation sessions follow an NHS deep clean
  • April 2023: This huge project for the RUH is completed.

Many thanks and credit to all the, around 1,000, skilled architects (IBI), construction partner (Kier) and tradespeople whose  expertise and hard work have combined to achieve this transformational new facility to help fight one of the most challenging diseases that can ever be faced. A disease that creates over 2,000 new cancer patients each year for the RUH alone.

Photos of the build

See photos and videos of the extra extraordinary Dyson Cancer Centre being built from start to finish.