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Dyson Cancer Centre
The Dyson Cancer Centre would not have been possible without the support of our community.

The £10 million raised has enabled extra extraordinary things to be created in the Dyson Cancer Centre that include:

  • More space than would have happened without our help. Space for family rooms / almost double the space per inpatient that currently exists / outdoor space for patients / space for dedicated hairdresser, benefits advice, and pharmacy
  • Space for over 60 clinical trials to take place onsite. Creating future cutting edge care for patients, by clinicians and researchers that are located together to empower best research success
  • New improved welcoming and light reception and waiting area for Radiotherapy patients
  • The Dyson Cancer Centre has achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Dyson Cancer Key Facts

Dyson Cancer Centre

BREEAM is the assessment process for sustainability for new developments and covers the design, construction, and future management of the building. The building fabric was tested throughout the construction process and meets high standards for thermal insulation, air tightness and high levels of efficiency for heating, cooling, powering, and lighting.  There are several examples of the building’s sustainability credentials:

  • The use of marmleoum flooring, which is linoleum, a natural product
    290 square matres of solar panels, returning energy to the grid to improve sustainability.
  • Use of recycled air in special equipment managing air pressure in in-patient rooms to repel potentially devastating infection.
  • The construction of a major healthcare facility on a “brownfield” site following demolition of redundant buildings dating from the 1940s.

Dyson Cancer Centre photos and videos

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