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March through March

1 March 2023 - 31 March 2023

Walk 400k steps in March to help introduce Robotic surgery at RUH Bath.

March through March is a virtual steps challenge for anyone, anywhere, who wants to help us bring Robotic surgery to the RUH Bath. Walk 400k steps in March – around 13,000 steps a day!

Walk an average amount daily, plan some big weekend adventures, or record your steps at work. Every step you take will help introduce Robotic surgery at RUH Bath.

Register for the challenge today by joining our Facebook group here.

  1. Join our Facebook group community
  2. Complete our registration form– this is pinned to the top of the group
  3. Set up your fundraising page to receive your FREE t-shirt* (you can do this on the registration form). You’ll also receive a steps tracker to help you keep track throughout March.

*only those who create a fundraising page will receive their free t-shirt.

Why 400k steps?

We want to introduce Robotic surgery at RUH Bath, which will assist with up to 400 surgeries a year – predominantly across Prostate, Ovarian, Cervical and Colorectal cancer.

Your steps will help raise funds to bring innovative technology to your local hospital.

Read more about the benefits of Robotic surgery, and why we are raising funds for this project, here.

Why not try:

• A daily walk
• Walking to work
• Track your steps at the gym
• Track your steps at work
• Plan some big weekend exploring – we’ll even send you our favourite walking routes!

Event accessibility

Want to take part in a wheelchair? You can track distance instead of steps! 400k steps equals around 17.82 miles.


Download the Steps tracker

Ready to book? Join #TeamRUHX today.

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What is ‘March through March – 400k steps in March?
We’re challenging supporters of the RUH Bath to get moving and take steps to help bring Robotic surgery to the hospital. Over the 31 days in March, walk 400,000 steps your own way and raise funds for our new campaign. That’s roughly 13,000 steps a day!

Aim for a daily step target, plan big adventures to knock off chunks of steps, and record your steps at work – there really are lots of ways to get involved.

Once registered, you will be asked to set up a Facebook Fundraising page. Once you have set a page up you will receive your FREE t-shirt. All who register will get a steps tracker, to help you stay on track with the steps you take.

How do I sign up?
Join our Facebook group where the event is held. Once accepted, there is a form you will need to fill in to give the charity your details, and set up your Facebook fundraising page. This event is run using GivePanel so everything is on Facebook, making it nice and easy for you!

Alternatively if you do not have Facebook, you can email us at fundraising@ruh.nhs.net to let us know you will be taking part. You can also create a JustGiving page to fundraise.
The link to register is here: https://givp.nl/register/bxyDgi4S

Is there a registration fee?
No! It’s free to sign up. We ask that you fundraise whatever you can to help the RUH Bath introduce Robotic surgery.

How many steps do I need to do?
We are challenging you to walk 400k steps over the month of March – that’s 400,000 steps over 31 days. You can either walk an average amount a day (around 13,000) or plan some big walks to knock off chunks.

This event is accessible – all we ask is that you try your best. If you don’t reach 400k, or want to set yourself a smaller distance target, that is absolutely fine too.

What will I get for signing up?
Everyone who creates a fundraising page will receive a free t-shirt. All sign ups will receive a free steps tracker to help them keep track over the month. By joining the Facebook group, you will be part of our exclusive community of walkers all over the UK making a difference.

How do I track my steps?
You can use an app on your phone like a built in health app or Strava, or a fitness watch.

I have accessibility needs – can I still take part?
Yes, of course! 400k steps roughly equals 17.82 miles, so feel free to cover this distance in an alternate way ie. Wheel 17.82 miles in a wheelchair throughout March.

How can I fundraise?
Please join our Facebook group and complete your registration form. This form will let you set up a Facebook fundraising page, or you can choose to set this up at a later date.
If you don’t use Facebook, please create a JustGiving page and let us know you are taking part.

I’ve created my fundraising page – how long until I get my t-shirt?
We endeavor to post all t-shirt packs within 14 days of your page being set up. Your t-shirt will be arriving by Royal Mail. If after 14 days you have not received your t-shirt please contact us to let us know.

Can I start the challenge before my t-shirt pack arrives?
Yes, absolutely! We can’t wait to see your selfie in our charity top but until it arrives please start your challenge. The steps tracker will be available to download on the group page.


1 March 2023
31 March 2023
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