Mental Health First Aiders

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To the Rescue: Mental Health First Aiders

Taking care of our RUH team is an extremely important aspect of our work. As we kickstart our recovery from the Covid pandemic, a range of strategic wellbeing initiatives are already underway by senior hospital staff, and our Employee Assistant Programme. First up, is the Mental Health First Aiders training course.

So far, 200 team members have received the MHFA training course, delivered by local charity, Bath Mind, with more than 100 staff already initiated here in our hospital. The two-day course empowers employees to detect early signs of mental ill health in others, and themselves, and encourages them to break down any barriers, listen in a non-judgemental way, and signpost co-workers towards recovery.


Helping our staff to help each other

Karl Lee, a security coordinator, shares his thoughts on becoming one of the first MHFA’s: “I was given the opportunity to become a MHFA in my previous employment, and I went into it with a very open mind. What I didn’t expect was this overwhelming desire to become an advocate to this amazing cause.”


More help for our RUH family

“Becoming a MHFA gave me a new skillset, a toolbox to identify early signs and symptoms, and to quickly identify concerns within friends, family and colleagues. When the pandemic first hit, this new learning helped in abundance: I was able to support RUH staff who had to work through the intense stress and strains that Covid brought to families in everyday life. I was a person that they could turn to and release that stress. Some used it merely as a vent, and felt happy that they had managed to express. For others, it had a huge impact on theirs, and their family members, mental health.”

“I was fortunate to bring this skillset to the RUH. I now feel so empowered, I want to help and assist anywhere I can. I have this burning passion to do some good. It’s very cliché to say, I know, but I want to make a difference. And, here, being surrounded by amazingly likeminded and decent human beings, has only confirmed that decision.”

For more information on becoming an MHFA, please visit bathmind.org.uk