RUHX launches new patient ‘My Thank You’ scheme

Posted: 26th February 2024

Want to thank one of the extraordinary RUH Bath team that helped you or a member of your family?

It’s easy to do now that RUHX has launched the new My Thank scheme. Thank you messages and expressions of gratitude are hugely motivating to all of the team here, and now it is easier than ever to do using the this new facility.

Look out for one of these posters around the hospital, scan the QR code or click here and in 2 minutes you can submit your message of thanks to anyone that helped you in your time of need. We’re already receiving and passing onto the clinical teams wonderful messages like this from an Eye Unit recent patient:

“……..is the best doctor I’ve ever had, without a doubt. I’m an autistic individual particularly afraid of hospital and with sensory issues… As a patient, I’m a bit of a nightmare to be honest, but …….. had all the patience in the world and handled it perfectly.

To you it may seem like nothing, but for me having someone so patient, kind, and well-meaning as my doctor makes all the difference. I can’t thank you enough. The world needs more doctors like you. Thank you for everything you do. I hope you keep up the good work and good things come your way ❤”