Perfect precision for healthcare – RUHX complete fundraising for RUH Bath’s very first robotics surgery facility

Posted: 20th February 2024

Thanks to £2.3 million of fundraising that has just been completed, a new Da Vinci surgical robot is improving lives in RUH Bath theatres, all thanks to the ongoing fundraising efforts by RUHX hospital charity’s extraordinary supporters.  Its arrival has ushered in a new age at the hospital, supporting more than 400 complex surgical operations across the RUH, saving time, resources, and lives in an instant.  You can see more about it by watching this video celebrating the extra-ordinary achievement.

The new surgical robot is already showing its many benefits to our patients, offering a wealth of advancements and innovation in surgical theatre.  It:

  • Improves cancer-speci­fic survival rates
  • Removes health inequalities, as it is more suitable for a wider range of patients
  • Decreases readmissions with lower risk of complications, pain and infection
  • Accelerates recovery times and halves the lengths of stay for some surgeries. Freeing up vital bed spaces sooner
  • Preserves a better quality of life, including continence and sexual function.

Rhyannon Boyd, Head of the RUX charity said “We are so incredibly grateful at RUHX to all our fantastic donors that have helped us to raise £2.3 million to help us bring Robotic Surgery to the RUH.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank You.”

The first ever robotics surgery at RUH Bath was carried out by Colorectal surgeon Dr Marc Bullock in June 2023 and since then the surgical team have recently completed their 100th robotic surgery.

First robotic surgery patient Suzanne said: “I definitely felt less trauma than I would have done had this procedure been carried out the more traditional way. Obviously, I was a bit restricted in terms of movement but there wasn’t really any pain. My recovery has been excellent, I had my operation on the Tuesday morning, and I was back home by Friday evening, just three days later.  I couldn’t believe it.”

 Colorectal surgeon Dr Marc Bullock commented about the difference that this will make to patients “The robot is transformational for patients at the RUH, and it means that more patients can benefit from minimally invasive surgery.”

RUHX are now busy planning their next major fundraising campaign to support the RUH, with more news to come about this later in 2024.