RUH Surgeon competes in Deca-Ironman

Posted: 08th August 2023

To most, and Ironman Triathlon is a pinnacle of endurance racing. But to a crazy sliver of elite athletes, it’s not even close to tough enough. Meet the ‘Deca Ironman.’ Ten. Ironmans. In. A. Row.

On the 24th of September, local RUH Head and Neck Surgeon Stuart Gillett will be doing just this by taking part in the Deca-Ironman in Mexico, and the fastest cumulative time wins.  The challenge comprises of:

  • 24-mile swim
  • 1120-mile cycle
  • 262-mile run.

Stuart who is already the current UK record holder for 3x and 5x Ironman distance triathlons, said:

“The RUH is a fantastic place to work, the people are absolutely fantastic.  At present I’m trying to get up at 4am to fit in my training before work so that it doesn’t affect my work or family life, with the objective of raising £10,000 towards this new AI software that will save our Consultant Oncologists a large amount of time allowing them to spend more time with the patients.”

He is raising money to buy computer radiotherapy AI software for the new Dyson cancer centre. This software will provide cutting edge radiotherapy planning to benefit many patients being treated for cancer by freeing up the valuable time of Consultant Oncologists to concentrate on patient facing care.  Including the many Head and Neck cancer patients that come through Stuarts department.

You can donate, follow and see more about Stuart’s story at: