Bath to Malaga cycle marathon for RUHX

Posted: 18th August 2023

On the 11th of August, cyclist Mark Hawkins who was born at the Royal United Hospital Bath (RUH Bath) will be riding off on an epic adventure to raise money for RUHX, the official charity of the RUH Bath.  This challenge involves:

  • Almost 1,400 miles of cycling (over 12 times the distance of an Ironman cycle leg!)
  • Being self-supported – day by day booking accommodation based on the planned route for the next day and transporting all equipment in backpack and cycle racks
  • Cycling the entire length of France (along the west coast)
  • Then, cycling through Spain passing near Madrid to finish in Malaga – after almost 3 weeks of riding.

Mark, who has family members that work there today and has been taking on similar challenges for the past 10 years, said:

“My first mega-tour was in 2013, so we are ten years on and it’s time to raise more cash for charity.  This year I am doing this ride in the memory of my late father Colin Hawkins. 

My father worked for the NHS and in recent years he had amazing treatment from the RUH.  Sadly, he passed away this year at the RUH as he was very ill. But in his final days he could have not received better care anywhere.  So, I’m taking on this challenge to thank the amazing team of Nurses, Doctors and other staff at the RUH.”

Jan Witt of RUH charity RUHX said “Best of luck Mark in the amazing journey that you are undertaking, we are so incredibly appreciative and inspired that you have taken on this fantastic challenge in honour of your late father. Your determination and support will make a huge difference to our patients and the extraordinary staff who care for them here at the RUH. This is such a wonderful challenge to take on in tribute to your late father.  Thank you.”

You can donate, follow his journey and see more about Mark’s story at: